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It would be difficult to spend as much time in and around the water as I have without getting involved with surfing.  I began surfing at the end of the long board era and made the transition to short boards along with my surfing friends.  Most surfers enjoy exploring and searching for more and better waves and I was no exception.  I’ve been to many exotic locations in Central and South America, the South Pacific and even Europe surfing some of the best waves on the planet.  As a member of the Surfer’s Medical Association I was attending a surf conference in one such location when we decided to establish a health care clinic.  So began the Nabila Health Care Project on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. The clinic is still going strong and serving the needs of this rural village with our support after more than 20 years!
I grew up on the beaches of  Southern California before the urban sprawl and crowds of today.  After graduating from Venice High School I worked those same beaches as an Ocean Lifeguard for the County of Los Angeles.  I served  in virtually every lifeguard station from Palos Verdes to the Ventura County line and made over 200 surf rescues.  But most of my time was spent guarding the same beaches that you may have seen on those “Baywatch” television shows.  Having been a champion swimmer and water polo player I began competing in lifeguard competitions and was a member of the Los Angeles County Lifeguard team that won the World Championship in 1978.  It was a very colorful and exciting place to spend one’s youth and a great way to support myself through college and dental school.
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The education of my patients has always been paramount to my style of practice.  Enjoying teaching and leadership roles, I accepted a position as Supervising Dentist for Cabrillo College’s Dental Hygiene Department in 2000.  Supplemental to my role as a clinical instructor I help to prepare our dental hygiene students to pass their state licensing exam and also lecture in radiographic interpretation, treatment planning, and head and neck anatomy.

After six years of rest and rehabilitation of my back, I decided to open a new practice in Capitola, close to home, in 2006.  The office has been designed with the newest technologies for patient care.  I am once again doing something that I enjoy, educating and treating patients.
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I attended the UCLA School of Dentistry under full scholarship, graduating in 1982  after receiving my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology.  My love of the ocean and outdoors brought me to Santa Cruz soon after.  I established a private practice in Scotts Valley and was there for 18 years before a back injury forced me out of practice.
Although I have a professional side, I am at heart a biologist and naturalist.  I have enjoyed hiking, backpacking, wilderness survival and scuba diving for most of my life.  I’ve tried to instill in my own three children  a respect and appreciation for all things natural as they are the next generation with a responsibility to heal and restore our planet.  I believe we are stewards of the land surrounding us and utilizing my knowledge of biological systems I have become an avid gardener.
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My own creek side property has been restored as a wildlife habitat.  It is amazing to watch all of California’s native wildlife and insects return as the garden has matured.  A collection of 140 old garden and shrub roses make up the “backbone” of the garden.  After a hard day of patient care it is a wonderful place of renewal.  If you have an organization or group that is interested in a tour, please let me know, it is wonderful to share!
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